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With the level of competition increasing every day, Amazon’s paid advertising platform is the most effective and necessary route to getting your products onto potential customer’s screens.

Expert Amazon PPC Management to maximise your profit margin

Put your product in front of high intent buyers with expertly managed, data-driven, Amazon pay per click campaigns.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click)is an advertising platform that third-party sellers can utilise to create ad campaigns with the Amazon Marketplace. Sellers target other seller’s products with their campaigns. Amazon provides us with the data needed to optimise your PPC campaign ensuring there are enough impressions, clicks, attributed sales, and a low ACOS. 

It is important to know what these metrics are and how they contribute to the success of your campaigns:

  • Impressions: The number of times your advert was displayed on Amazon pages
  • Clicks: The number of times a potential customer clicked on your advert
  • Attributed Sales: Total sales generated within one week of clicks on your advert
  • Advertising Cost Of Sales: Total sales divided by the money you spend on advertising

What is Amazon PPC?

Advertising on Amazon is an auction system. When setting up a campaign you must first set a daily budget. This tells amazon how much you are wanting to spend per day on each campaign. Amazon does not touch this. The final ranking will be a result of your bid and how well the product converts. When setting up bids you have 3 options:

  • Down only: New campaigns should start this way as amazon will lower your bis if a lower number is all that is necessary to win
  • Down and Up: You have given Amazon permission to raise your bid. They will raise it up to 100% in order to get a conversion
  • Fixed: Amazon will leave your bid where it is. 

Once the campaign is set up we monitor how the bids affect your campaign and make changes according to the data we receive back. Our experts offer weekly consultancy sessions where they can provide you with an overview or an in-depth report of how your campaigns are performing and offer our expertise when making changes to your ads.

Should I use a managed PPC service?

Our primary focus, at Chaos, is to increase the conversion rate of your products. Our methods and strategies are in place to support your Amazon products to make as many sales as possible. Our team of Amazon PPC experts works with a wide range of industries and a spectrum of different business sizes. With years of experience, our Amazon team knows what approach will work best for your product, boosting your impressions and clicks, inevitably leading to more sales. To find out more about how we run PPC campaigns, call or email us now!

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Benefits of Amazon PPC

  • Increases the visibility of products to a bigger audience
  • Boosts sales
  • Influences the organic rankings
  • Reach buyers not viewers
  • Only clicks are charged on Amazon
  • Receive a global reach

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