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Amazon Listing Optimisation

In today's competitive digital marketplace, having a strong online presence is crucial for the success of any business. Whether you are launching new products or seeking to enhance the performance of your existing product listings on Amazon, our team is here to provide assistance. Our expertise lies in optimising various aspects of your Amazon product listings to yield tangible results across key performance indicators.

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What We Do

Discover how our expertise transforms your Amazon product listings, from comprehensive competitor research to strategic keyword integration, resulting in higher visibility, engagement, and sales.

Competitor Insights

We delve into your Amazon competitors' tactics, unveiling the most effective keywords they're using, the elements present on their detail pages, and how they price their products. Additionally, we scrutinize both positive and negative reviews associated with their offerings, providing valuable insights to optimise your own product strategy for maximum impact.

Keyword Research

Harnessing the power of Helium 10 software, we meticulously explore the detail pages of top sellers and your competition. We meticulously note down high-performing, relevant keywords, taking into account critical data points such as search volume, trends, and organic ranking. This empowers your listing with the language that resonates most with potential customers.

Back-End Search Terms

Amazon allows you to include up to 250 hidden search terms in the backend of your product listings. Although these keywords aren't visible to shoppers, they play a crucial role in your product's indexing. We'll capitalise on this opportunity to incorporate additional keywords that might not have been utilised in your visible copy, boosting your discoverability.

Compelling Titles

Our expertise extends to optimising your product titles, ensuring they're not only relevant and keyword-rich but also easy to comprehend. Your title serves as the initial interaction customers have with your product, making it a prime opportunity to capture attention, improve click-through rates, and enhance your product's overall ranking.

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Impactful Bullet Points

Strategically positioned below the title on your product's detail page, the bullet points offer an impactful way to present your product's primary features and benefits. With the allowance of up to five points, we'll ensure they're crafted with precision, conveying information in a clear, concise manner that aids potential buyers in understanding your product's value.


Beyond the initial sections, we focus on creating compelling, keyword-rich product descriptions that serve as a concise summary while effectively communicating your brand's ethos. For brand owners, we recommend the utilisation of A+ Content, enabling a visually appealing approach to detailing product features, enhancing customer engagement, and conveying unique brand values.

Product Pricing

Understanding the impact of pricing on conversion rates and sales growth, we navigate the intricacies of product pricing. By conducting a thorough analysis of your competition, we derive insights that guide us in formulating a pricing strategy that strikes the perfect balance. Our aim is to position your product competitively within your niche, crafting a compelling price point.

Reviewing & Refining

Our commitment to your product's success extends beyond the initial optimisation. We continuously monitor the performance of your listing, analysing data, and feedback to refine our strategies. By staying attentive to changes in search trends, customer reviews, and market dynamics, we ensure that your listing remains effective and adapts to evolving consumer preferences.

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Success Stories

Explore how our proven strategies and tailored solutions have elevated Amazon product listings, driving increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and remarkable sales growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions about our Amazon listing optimisation process, pricing strategies, and more to gain a deeper understanding of how we enhance your product's online presence.

Amazon listing optimisation enhances your product's visibility, click-through rates, and conversion rates. It ensures your product stands out in search results, captures customer attention, and compels them to make a purchase.

Competitor research unveils successful strategies used by rivals. It offers insights into effective keywords, pricing tactics, and review analysis, enabling you to tailor your listing for maximum impact.

Keyword research, conducted using tools like Helium 10, identifies relevant, high-performing keywords. By integrating these keywords into your listing, you increase your product's visibility and relevance in search results.

Back-end search terms are hidden keywords that contribute to your product's indexing. These keywords, not visible to customers, boost discoverability and help your product rank for a wider range of search queries.

The product title is the first thing customers see. Optimising it with relevant keywords not only improves ranking but also makes it easier for customers to understand your product's offerings at a glance.

Bullet points concisely highlight key features and benefits, aiding customers in understanding your product's value proposition quickly. Well-crafted bullet points can increase engagement and conversion rates.

A compelling product description communicates your product's features, benefits, and brand identity. It plays a vital role in convincing customers to make a purchase by providing them with the information they need.

A+ Content replaces the standard product description with visually appealing multimedia elements. It engages customers at a deeper level, showcasing your product's attributes in a more captivating manner.

Pricing directly influences a customer's decision to purchase. Competitive pricing, achieved through thorough research and adjustments, can boost conversion rates and overall sales growth.

Markets and trends change. Ongoing review and refinement of your listing based on performance data and feedback ensures your product remains effective and adapts to shifting consumer preferences, maximising long-term success.

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