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Google To Drop Expanded Text Ads

Google has announced that after June 2022 it will no longer be possible to create Extended Text Ads (ETAs). But what should you be doing NOW to prepare for the change? This news comes after Google have already transitioned the default ad creation type from ETAs to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) earlier this year and there has been a lot of speculation that this move might mark the beginning of the end for ETAs, it seems that speculation was right! But why is Google making this change? Google advised that the goal of this change was to ensure that the [...]

Amazon Seller or Vendor? – Which One Is Right For Me?

If you've been around Amazon for any length of time you'll have heard both Seller Central & Vendor central being discussed, you may even have been approached by an Amazon buyer to encourage you to switch from Seller to Vendor, likewise, you may be using Vendor currently and want to take back control of your products and move towards the Seller Central option, but which is best for you and which should you choose? Read on... What's the difference between the two options? There are numerous differences between Vendor Central and Seller Central, but the one of primary consideration is [...]

FREE Google Ads Credit

Starting a Google ads account? Grab some free credit! From time to time most ad platforms offer incentives to help new businesses get started with their digital marketing, and Google are doing just that at an enhanced level right now for anyone that doesn't already have an ads account with them. Because paid search ads are easier to target to the right customer audience and allow easy tracking of impressions, clicks and conversions, it's a great way for you to get some additional traffic to your website and analyse how well it works for you and help you generate a [...]

Google Drops Broad Match Modifier

Changes are coming to Google’s phrase match and broad match modifier keyword match types, the company announced on the 4th of February. Phrase match will expand to include additional broad match modifier traffic and support for broad match modifier will end. The changes will start rolling out in two weeks. How phrase match will change Currently, an advertiser using broad match modifier for the keywords +moving +services +NYC +to +Boston may show up for the search query “moving services NYC to Boston.” However, the ad may also display when someone searches “moving services Boston to NYC,” which may not be [...]

8 Creative Ideas For March Marketing

How are you planning on marketing your business in March? Need some inspiration? Well, in March we have International Puppy Day, the first day of Spring (March 20th), St. Patricks days and it’s also National Reading, Women’s History, Brain Injury, Youth Art, and Nutrition Month. It’s also the time for those #marchmadness and #gogreen hashtags to come out from under the covers. In short, there’s loads of angles to target and work with and plenty of opportunities to market your business in unique ways, connect with your audience, and attract more customers. That’s why we’ve written this post, which covers [...]

Win A FREE Website!!

We understand that being in business right now is hard and we understand that many people have reevaluated what they want to do on a daily basis since this pandemic started? Have you recently taken the step to be your own boss and set up a new business or, are you in the process of setting up a new business currently? Could you, or your business benefit from a shiny new website to showcase your talents or business offerings but maybe struggling with the costs involved? Well read on, as Chaos Internet are giving away one completely FREE website to [...]

7 Reasons To Work With A Google Partner Agency

As you build your business and look at your digital marketing plan, you start looking at the various options that are available to you. One of the first options most business look at is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This is a method that utilises Google or Bing Ads to help you run paid advertising campaigns to reach your target audience. If you want to get the best value for the money you spend, you should be working with a Google Partner agency. A Google Partner will be able to build you a better campaign that stretches every pound of your budget. What is [...]

12 Essential Google My Business Tips

One of the most popular questions we’re receiving right now is how to best make use of Google My Business and it’s fair to say that any business today needs targeted visibility on Google. Most businesses know that this requires the optimisation of their website and the use of Google Ads, but what most don’t know is that there is a third entity that also needs optimising: their Google business listing. Officially known as your Business Profile, this powerful listing is a dynamic snapshot of your business that highlights your best features and enables potential customers to quickly find, learn [...]

So You Want To Start Selling On Amazon?

Is 2021 going to be the year you start selling on Amazon? If it is, you’re in for both an exciting and, probably, a frustrating time! Selling on Amazon is not as simple as simply uploading your products, sitting back and watching the sales and money roll in, you have to work at it on multiple levels and whilst you may hit the jackpot and be one of those sellers that sells a hugh amount of products, you could quite easily be one of the masses that sell next to nothing. So, lets have a look at some top selling [...]

Facebook Messenger Campaigns Not Delivering?

If you’ve been running adverts on Facebook optimised for messages, then you have likely seen that your adverts have been “paused” with an error message popping up this week: “Optimisation unavailable: The Conversations optimisation is not currently available for messaging campaigns that target Europe. To continue with this optimisation, remove European locations or select a different optimisation. (#2446670)" This message has, quite rightly, caused a lot of concern amongst advertisers and caused a lot of enquiries since the start of December. At Chaos, we manage a large number of advertising campaigns that are targeting conversation initiation via optimisation for messages [...]

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