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Elevate Your Product Presence

Step into the realm of captivating product visuals with our Product Image Optimisation service. Our skilled graphic design team specialises in creating Amazon-friendly product images that showcase your offerings and engage customers with the essence of your brand. Explore how our image optimisation can enhance your Amazon listings and boost customer confidence.

In this section, we delve into the pivotal role that product images play on Amazon. Learn how Chaos can elevate your image game and boost your sales.

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Complete Brand Image Optimisation

High-quality, well-optimised images provide customers with a better understanding of the product, leading to increased trust and higher conversion rates.

Increased Visibility

Elevate your product's market visibility with optimised Amazon images, strategically positioned to capture the attention of potential customers and outshine competing offerings.

Drive Click-Through Rates

Craft visually compelling images that not only serve as a gateway to your product but also propel click-through rates to new heights.

Established Brand Credibility

Cultivate a strong brand image through consistently professional and aesthetically pleasing visuals. We ensure that your product listings exude credibility, fostering trust and brand loyalty among your target audience.

Increase Product Understanding

We will always utilise Amazon product images to your advantage, showcasing your product to the very highest level.

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Answer Any Customer Questions

"Why should I buy this product?" - We'll be to ensure any key customer questions are answered before they even scroll!

Conversion Rate Drivers

High-quality images can significantly impact a product's visibility and conversion rates

Amazon Image Requirements

Ensure your listings will never fall foul of Amazon standards with regular image/policy reviews

Reduce Your Returns

Customers who can see a product clearly are less likely to be disappointed upon receiving it. Optimised images help set accurate expectations, reducing the likelihood of returns.

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/ Answers To Common Questions

Amazon Images FAQ

Find answers to your burning questions about Amazon image requirements and optimisation. We've got your Amazon image concerns covered.

Amazon requires images to accurately represent the product, match the title, and meet specific quality and content standards.

The main image is the first impression buyers get; it must adhere to Amazon's guidelines and entice customers.

Yes, we offer image enhancement services to make your products look their best.

Professional photos can significantly impact sales, and we specialsze in capturing your products professionally.

Yes, for multi-pack and kids & baby clothing, off-model shots are recommended.

Absolutely, our image optimisation ensures your products look great on all devices.

We ensure your images adhere to Amazon's rules, preventing listing suppression.

Amazon accepts JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF formats, with JPEG being preferred.

Absolutely, we tailor our image optimisation to highlight the unique features of your products, making them stand out in the marketplace.

Yes, we stay updated on Amazon's image trends to keep your listings competitive.