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Providing PPC advertising and management across the globe.

Getting the most value out of a pay per click (PPC) campaign requires years of experience. With a heavily data-led approach, Chaos has worked with some of the UK’s most well-known brands and have a proven history of getting results.

As Google Partners, we’ve seen first-hand the complex changes in PPC algorithms and technology over the years. With more devices and user personas than ever, creating a well-optimised campaign is challenging and more often than not requires an experienced team to manage it effectively. With growing opportunities in remarketing and social media marketing, creating a well run PPC strategy is an excellent opportunity for your business.

PPC Management

Our Pay Per Click Management Services

Paid Search Advertising

We deliver top page visibility – fast! Once we’ve gathered your requirements, budget, search terms and company tone, we’ll create bespoke landing pages optimised for conversions and get your campaign up and running quickly. Each campaign is tailored to you, and your business needs to bring the very best results from the offset.

Campaign Audits

As a certified Google Partner, our auditing service is designed to optimise your PPC performance. With countless factors that can impact your campaign including budget management, bid optimisation and device performance, we’ll aim to reduce your spend whilst increasing the efficency of your campaign.

Display Ads

The Display Network is a collection of millions that display advertising banners. Display ads are an excellent way to increase brand awareness with campaigns that are targeted and relevant to your business. Using behavioural targeting, we’ll optimise your digital display to ensure maximum return from your campaign.


Approximately 70% of website visitors have a higher probability of converting on your website when targeted with display ads. Remarketing generates a unique opportunity allowing your brand to re-establish a connection with users that have previously interacted with your website or social media platforms.

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