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Published On Wednesday 1st November

Google has launched a significant initiative to support small businesses with a new search label and enhanced AI image capabilities. This move aims to level the playing field by making small businesses more visible in Search and Maps listings. As Google faces criticism for favoring large corporations, these developments offer an opportunity for smaller enterprises. This article explores these new features and discusses how small businesses can optimise their presence to maximise the benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Google is adding a small business label to qualifying companies' Search and Maps listings, making it easier for shoppers to find and support small businesses.
  • Google's AI-powered Product Studio tool is being expanded to all U.S. Merchant Center Next users and Shopify merchants, allowing merchants to generate on-brand, creative images using a text-to-image AI model.
  • Google is displaying more key business information directly in Search results, such as deals, shipping policies, and customer reviews, to build consumer trust and confidence in small businesses.
  • The holiday season represents a significant sales opportunity for small businesses, and Google's new features and updates aim to provide tools to help small merchants succeed and counteract criticism of favoring larger players.

Understanding Google's Small Business Labels

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Google's Small Business Labels initiative is an impactful addition to its search and maps listings, designed to bolster visibility and support for qualifying small enterprises during crucial shopping periods. This feature is part of Google's endeavor to aid small businesses in gaining recognition and fostering customer engagement. Businesses can identify as 'small' via Google's Merchant Center and Business Profile platforms. The label is applied automatically based on parameters like the range of products offered and the volume of web traffic.

A recent study reveals that 84% of consumers consider it vital to support local and small businesses, indicating the potential efficacy of this initiative.

Thus, Google's Small Business Labels are an instrumental tool in enhancing small business visibility, fostering local economies, and cultivating consumer loyalty.

Benefits of AI-Powered Product Images

The expansion of Google's AI-powered Product Studio tool offers significant benefits for small businesses, particularly in terms of product image generation. This innovative program turns text descriptions into high-quality images, providing an effortless method for creating engaging product visuals. The tool's artificial intelligence capabilities allow for the automatic improvement of image resolution and the removal of unwanted backgrounds. This results in professional-grade product images that can enhance the online presence of small businesses, boost customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales.

Furthermore, the ability to consistently generate on-brand images empowers small businesses to maintain a cohesive brand identity across various platforms.

Enhancing Search Results With Business Info

As an additional initiative to empower small businesses, Google is now displaying crucial business information directly in the Search results. This step aims to enhance online visibility and credibility of these enterprises, facilitating consumers to make informed decisions. Crucial information such as deals, shipping policies, and customer reviews are now readily available.

This strategic move not only builds consumer trust in small yet legitimate businesses but also drives meaningful engagement. Expanded panels have reportedly led to over 2.3 billion free connections, including calls, directions, and reviews in 2022 alone.

For small businesses to fully benefit from these panels, they must ensure their Merchant Center listings contain accurate and comprehensive information. This will help them maximise their online presence and customer reach.

The Critical Role of the Holiday Season

Capitalising on the holiday season is crucial for small businesses, given its potential to significantly boost sales and customer engagement. This period offers a unique opportunity for these enterprises to maximise their visibility and connect with a larger audience.

Google's new small business label is particularly beneficial during this time, making it easier for shoppers to identify and support local businesses. Furthermore, the display of crucial business information in search results provides customers with the necessary details to make informed purchasing decisions, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.

Optimising Google Business Profiles

While maximising the benefits of Google's new features and updates, it is essential for small businesses to optimise their Google Business Profiles to achieve greater success. Accurate and complete information on these profiles can significantly enhance visibility, driving more connections like calls, directions, and reviews. High-quality images and up-to-date details about products, services, and customer reviews can build consumer confidence and boost engagement. For more effectiveness, businesses should seamlessly integrate their Merchant Center listings with their Google Business Profiles.


Google's new small business label and expanded AI-powered Product Studio tool provide promising avenues for small enterprises to compete more effectively in a digital-dominated landscape. Despite criticisms, these innovations could foster enhanced visibility and consumer trust. These developments signify Google's commitment to creating a more level playing field in the digital marketplace.


phil rieley
Written By  Phil
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