7 Reasons To Work With A Google Partner Agency

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Written By  Iain
Published On Wednesday 10th February

As you build your business and look at your digital marketing plan, you start looking at the various options that are available to you. One of the first options most business look at is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This is a method that utilises Google or Bing Ads to help you run paid advertising campaigns to reach your target audience.

If you want to get the best value for the money you spend, you should be working with a Google Partner agency. A Google Partner will be able to build you a better campaign that stretches every pound of your budget.

What is a Google Partner?

When you are looking at digital marketing companies, and specifically, their certifications if they have any, the one you want to be looking for is a Google Partner badge. This is a badge that indicates a company is able to work to a specified standard and that they’re certified by Google as Google Partner.

So, what does it mean to be a Google Partner?

Firstly, it is important to understand Google Ads. Google Ads is Googles advertising program that is used for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These are the paid advertisements that appear in Google search engine results and are marked with ‘Ad’. Google Ads are a great way to generate new leads and conversions for your business.

When a company is an expert in Google Ads, they can become a Google Partner.

When you are shaping your digital marketing plans, you want to ensure that the company you work with is going to be doing the very best for your business. You want to see results with your campaign. When you contract with a digital marketing company that is a Google Partner, you will get the best of the best.

Google Partner companies, such as Chaos, have passed Google Ads product certification exams, and stay up to date with the latest product information from Google.

These marketing agencies are required to go through continual training and pass Google Ads product certification exams. This certifies that a digital marketing company has the knowledge required to provide their clients with the best Google Ads service and advice.

A Google Partner can be certified in numerous types of advertising. These types include search, mobile, video, shopping, and display advertising.

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Google Partners are experts

When you invest money into PPC, you want to work with a company that will bring you the very best results possible. You want to get the most from your money and you want your marketing agency to produce the best campaign.

A Google Partner company will help you create the best campaign for your business. They have experience with Google Ads and have staff that are highly trained to work with Google Ads. You’re partnering with an agency that knows the ins and outs.

You want to work with a company that knows more than just the standard terms. It is important to partner with a company that has a vast knowledge of Google Ads because it will help you maximise your campaign.

Companies that are Google Partners know Google Ads well and can produce a campaign that works for your business.

Google Partners stay up to date with the latest PPC information

The digital world is constantly evolving and changing. It is important to stay on top of these changes to make the most of your digital marketing plan. You want to use the latest methods, so you can get the most out of your campaign.

When you’re working with a Google Partner agency, you’re working with a company that is up to date on all the latest changes. Google requires their Partners to constantly learn the changes. These companies are required to take recertification exams to ensure that they are well versed in the latest changes.

Google helps these companies by providing them with training, so you can feel confident that the information is coming directly from the source. A company needs to be on top of the changes to provide you with the best campaign. Google makes sure that it happens.

If a company does update on training, they aren’t a Google Partner anymore. It is required that Partners are constantly learning and staying up-to-date.

By choosing a Google Partner company, you are working with a company that is the most up-to-date on changes with Google Ads.

Google Partners practice what they preach

One of the most important things to look for in a company is that they practice what they preach. If a company is going to sell you on the great features of something like search engine optimisation (SEO) or PPC, you want to see that they are using those methods for their own business.

When you work with a Google Partner agency, you can guarantee that they are using PPC for their own business and spending their own money on campaigns. They need to constantly practice using PPC to come up with new and innovative ways to improve their clients’ PPC campaigns. Google requires these companies to practice and test out new methods to keep up with the changes.

Google Partners are constantly creating PPC ads and using different keywords to see which keywords work best. They are constantly experimenting to figure out how to craft better PPC campaigns for their clients.

This ensures that you are working with a company that has the most experience. They will provide you with the best campaign for your business.

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Google Partners can help you quickly

When you are running a campaign, issues can come up. Your ad could be attacked by malware, which halts your campaign from running. Any number of issues can come up that negatively impact your campaign.

A Google Partner has a dedicated Google account manager that they can contact. If your campaign is running and is attacked by malware, it can cost your business time and money. It would take days for you to fix the issue on your own.

With a Google Partner on board you can hand this to them and let them take care of your issue quickly thus saving you and your business both time and money.

Google Partners provide great service

Google ensures that Google Partner companies provide great service. To remain a partner, companies need to maintain Google standards. They need to continually provide excellent service for their clients.

When you work with a Google Partner, they will provide you with the highest level of service. It is important that you partner with a company that will provide you with exceptional service. If you’re going to invest the money in a company, you want to choose one that will provide you with excellent service.

Google Partners have access to beta features

Google has numerous features that they test out before they let the public have access to them. These features are typically the latest updates to Google’s Google Ads system.

When you work with a Google Partner agency, you have access to those beta features. Google Partners can integrate the beta features into your plan. This helps you get a leg up on the competition.

They have exclusive access to these features, so marketing companies that aren’t Google Partners won’t have access to them. It is important to use a marketing company that is a Partner because you can have access to these important beta features.

Google Partners work directly with Google

The best thing about a Google Partner is that they work directly with Google. Your PPC ads are operated on Google’s platform. They are one of the top search engine platforms that users use to conduct searches.

It is difficult for your individual business to build a direct connection with Google. If you run into issues or need help, it can be challenging to get in touch with someone. There are hundreds of thousands of other businesses that are trying to get in contact with Google too, which makes it difficult for your business to establish that connection.

When you use a Google Partner company, you have a direct line of communication with Google. Google provides these companies with their own team, so they always have someone to contact.

You can have your Google Partner contact about optimising your account or relevant insights. As issues or concerns arise, you can guarantee that you have a direct line to solve them.

Since they work directly with Google, all of their training comes from Google. As stated previously, Google provides Partners with training sessions to help them improve their Google Ads campaigns. These companies are constantly trained on the latest features and how to use them.

Google Partners get their information, training, and certification directly from Google. This means that you will get a far better Google Ads campaign because they are obtaining and applying the knowledge straight from that platform that hosts your PPC ad.

By utilising a Google Partner company, you will get a great campaign that will bring results for your business.

How Does A Company Become A Google Partner?

There are three factors that are considered before a company can be considered to be a partner:

  • Certifications
  • Spend
  • Performance

For certifications, a Google Partner must have one user certified in using Google Ads.

For spend, a Google Partner must meet a 90-day ad spend requirement of $20,000. This spend must occur across their managed accounts.

For performance, a Google Partner must deliver solid overall ad revenue and growth, while also maintaining and growing its customer base.

So, How do you find a Google Partner?

Well, as you’re reading this article, you’ve already found one!

You’ll find the partner badge displayed proudly at the bottom of every page on this website and that badge links directly to Googles database, so you can check our status quickly and easily.

Chaos is your Google Partner agency

It is important that you find a marketing company that is a Google Partner. If you want the best service for your campaign, look no further than Chaos Internet. We’re a full-service digital marketing company and Google Partner.

Our team of marketing experts are dedicated to your campaign, are award-winning and Google Ads Certified, we have years of experience creating effective PPC campaigns.

If you’re looking for results, we know how to bring them, we spent over £2 million in 2020 and managed over £5 million of client spend driving high quality leads to our clients.

Partner with our Google Partner company today

If you’re ready to experience a great campaign with a Google Partner agency, contact us online or call us today on 01354 655 555 to speak with a strategist.

Written By  Iain
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