Dooleys Amazon Project

/ Project Introduction

About Dooleys

Dooley’s Original Cream Liqueur is a top-class cream liqueur that combines the delicate, melting texture of the finest cream with high-quality vodka. Whether enjoyed straightforward on the rocks or skillfully incorporated into cocktails or other sweet delicacies, Dooley’s is the cream liqueur for indulging and being indulged.

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The Challenge
The Strategy
The Results
/ What We're Up Against

The Challenge

  • Fully optimise product listing
  • Ensure all back-end data is up-to-date / accurate
  • Improve the overall listing copy and image graphics used
/ What We Did

The Strategy

  • Keyword research to ensure we are using the most relevant  / high-volume organic keywords throughput the listing copy
  • Optimised product listings and focused on the key features of the product to make sure customers fully understand the product and what makes it different to similar products out there
  • Created a product variation to give customers a choice in flavours
  • Uploaded all back-end data to ensure this is all correct and accurately reflecting on the product detail page
  • Created product images & A+ Content to promote the brand further and bring the product detail page together
/ Project Outcome

The Results

  • Increase in Amazon orders
  • Improved traffic and impressions
  • Increase in organic ranking
  • Better user experience
/ Project Functionality

Features For Dooleys

Delving into the specifics, we equipped Dooleys with a suite of bespoke tools, each selected and crafted to ensure seamless operations and enriched user interactions. Explore the unique functionalities that now defines their website.
A+ Content
Listing Optimisation
Product Image Optimisation
Product Listing
Storefront Creation
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