8 Creative Ideas For March Marketing

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Written By  Iain
Published On Tuesday 16th February

How are you planning on marketing your business in March? Need some inspiration? Well, in March we have International Puppy Day, the first day of Spring (March 20th), St. Patricks days and it’s also National Reading, Women’s History, Brain Injury, Youth Art, and Nutrition Month. It’s also the time for those #marchmadness and #gogreen hashtags to come out from under the covers. In short, there’s loads of angles to target and work with and plenty of opportunities to market your business in unique ways, connect with your audience, and attract more customers.

That’s why we’ve written this post, which covers some great creative and affordable March marketing ideas. We’re going to provide you with:

  • A list of holidays, supportable causes and ‘national days’
  • A list of hashtags to use in March on your socials.
  • Examples of promotions & social media posts etc that can be used in March

For your convenience, the ideas are grouped by holiday/observance. Ready to engage your customers this March? Read on.

March holidays and observances

There are some really great ‘national days’ this month, some are really specific (a police officer we know joked that National Crayon day is for their Armed Response Team) while others are enjoyed by pretty much everyone giving you lots of room to be creative and do both local and national marketing. They include but are not limited to:

  • Dr. Seuss’ Birthday - 2nd
  • International Women’s Day - 8th
  • Daylight Savings - 28th
  • Pi Day 14th
  • St. Patrick’s Day - 17th
  • First Day of Spring - 20th
  • International Puppy Day - 23rd
  • Crayon Day - 31st

March awareness causes

There are many awareness causes that you can use for March blogging, promotions, and social media marketing. You can post on or write about these topics throughout the month of March so you’re not tied to a specific date. They include:

  • Reading
  • Women’s History
  • Brain Injury Awareness
  • March Madness
  • Youth Art
  • Nutrition

Hashtags for March marketing

Here are some hashtags you may want to use this month in your social media posts:

#read2021 #womenshistory #braininjuryawarenessmonth #marchMmdness #youthartmonth #youthart #nutritionawarenessmonth #healthyeating #healthyfood #drseuss #internationalwomensday #womensday2021 #womensdayeveryday #piday2021 #pinchme #gogreen #internationalpuppyday #puppypic

First day of spring

What better reason to run promotion or sale event than celebrating the start of spring and the end of winter? People often have an excitement and fresh-start mindset surrounding the first day of Spring so make the most of it and work with your customers mood by posting sunshine and flower photos in warm colours.

National Women’s History Month

Take some time in March to honour the women in your business, industry or just your life that have had an impact. Celebrate women by showcasing those who have contributed to history and society to make our lives what they are today. Take a look at the Women’s History Month website for more information.

Highlight a historically important woman in your field, think Ada Lovelace for computer programming for example.

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and typically a great time for restaurants, health food suppliers, and fitness centres to market their products and offerings. And whilst this year might be slightly different due to a lack of restaurants and fitness centres opening, there is still plenty of marketing to be done on the back of this.

Provide nutrition tips and healthy recipes that your customers can make at home, if you’re a restaurant owner, maybe do a walk through video on how to make one of your most popular dishes?

Engage with your customers on social media using the hashtag #eatright and #NNM to get your posts noticed and shared and encourage people to educate themselves and get them excited about living a healthier lifestyle.

March Madness marketing

Create a March Madness angle that works with your business, restaurants, as an example could have a competition between two of their most popular dishes, get the customers and page followers involved to decide which is the No.1, this will generate great interaction on your page.

You could get involved by take pictures of your team members getting into the spirit of madness and post them on social media, in short, it doesn’t matter what your business is, jump on the bandwagon and see where it takes you.

National Day of Unplugging

The first Friday of March is National Day of Unplugging and the perfect day for marketing your energy saving ideas and planet saving products and ideas. Encourage people to disconnect from the web, put their phones down, and go our for a walk or a ride (within socially acceptable distances of your house of course)

Pi Day

Pi Day is March 14 (3.14). This is a great time for schools, private educational centres, after school clubs etc to make maths a bit more fun with the children. Bakeries could take advantage of this with specials on pies or, currently, virtual pie baking classes.

Tag all of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using hashtag #piday to get your posts found, get a video on TikTok of your pie baking skills and get your friends and social media followers to join in show off their pies, and once done, sit down, grab a knife and fork and tuck in.

St. Patrick’s Day

March the 17th, the day social media turns green! Your business doesn’t have to have any Irish connections to get involved, St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect opportunity to dress in green and post on your social media channels. Make sure to use the hashtag to get your posts found by new followers and promote your business whilst having some fun.

International Puppy Day

Everyone knows that everyone loves puppies! So, if you’ve got a dog-friendly business, tell everyone about it, post photos of customers and their pups to your socials, tag your customer where possible to cultivate relationships and get more exposure for your post. But you don’t have to be an animal / dog related business, get your staff to take a photo of their pups, and if no one has a puppy, get a photo of the dog today and share with your followers to give people a more personal view of your life and piggy back everyones love of puppies.

Written By  Iain
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