Pooch's Treats Website Redesign

/ Project Introduction

About Pooch's Treats

Pooch's Treats, a purveyor of handmade dog treats using premium, locally sourced ingredients, has been serving canine enthusiasts since its establishment in 2009. Despite their dedication to excellence, their website faced challenges in terms of user-friendliness, bugs, and outdated design.

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The Challenge
The Strategy
The Results
/ What We're Up Against

The Challenge

  1. Usability and User-Friendliness: The original website's layout and navigation were not user-friendly. Customers had difficulty finding products and managing their subscriptions, leading to frustration and potential cart abandonment.
  2. Technical Bugs: Multiple technical bugs plagued the website, affecting its functionality and reliability. These issues not only disrupted the user experience but also hindered the client's ability to manage subscriptions effectively.
  3. Outdated Design: The website had an outdated design that didn't align with the brand's image or modern web design standards. This made it less appealing to visitors and potentially undermined the brand's credibility.
/ What We Did

The Strategy

  1. Complete Website Rebuild:
    • We initiated a comprehensive website rebuild using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions to provide a solid foundation.
    • The new layout was designed with a focus on user-friendliness, featuring clear product categorisation and easy navigation.
  2. Data Migration and Historical Order Preservation:
    • All historical order data was meticulously migrated to the new platform, ensuring a seamless transition for both the client and customers.
  3. Expanded Product Range:
    • A new product range was introduced to diversify offerings, attracting a broader customer base.
  4. Custom Theme Design:
    • Our team designed a bespoke theme that brought a contemporary, visually appealing look to the website.
    • The design overhaul enhanced the brand's image and credibility.
  5. Wholesale Registration and Purchasing:
    • A dedicated wholesale registration and purchasing functionality was implemented to accommodate bulk orders, catering to business clients.
  6. Stockist Finder:
    • A stockist locator feature was added to help customers easily locate Pooch's Treats products in local shops.
  7. UI/UX Enhancements:
    • General UI/UX improvements were made to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience.
  8. Checkout Optimisation:
    • The standard WooCommerce checkout flow was optimised to increase conversion rates and introduce upsell opportunities, thereby boosting sales.
  9. Office 365 Migration:
    • We performed a tenant-to-tenant migration for the client's 365 mailboxes, simplifying email management and licensing.
/ Project Outcome

The Results

The comprehensive solutions implemented by our web development agency delivered tangible results for Pooch's Treats. The 18% increase in sales over the same period compared to the previous year reflects the positive impact of the website redevelopment.

By successfully addressing the challenges of usability, technical bugs, and outdated design, we not only enhanced the user experience but also positioned Pooch's Treats for sustained growth in the competitive pet treat market.

/ Project Functionality

Features For Pooch's Treats

Delving into the specifics, we equipped Pooch's Treats with a suite of bespoke tools, each selected and crafted to ensure seamless operations and enriched user interactions. Explore the unique functionalities that now defines their website.
Advanced Shipping Rules
Automatic Image Optimisation
Checkout Funnels
Contact Form
Custom Post Types
Dynamic Discount Rules
Filterable Search
Live Search
Mailchimp Integration
Social Media Feed
Store Locator
Technical SEO
White Label Dashboard
Wholesale Pricing

Our Website development was not an easy job! We had an existing site with multiple issues and needed all of the information brought over to the new site including existing subscriptions and much more. From our initial meeting with Aaron and discussing our vision of what we wanted we felt we were in safe hands. From the very start to the end of the project Aaron guided us through the whole process and displayed great creative thought. Our experience with Chaos and specifically with Aaron has been nothing but exceptional and would highly recommend them to anyone. Feedback from both stockists of our products and personal customers about the website's look and functionality have been amazing.

Pooch's Treats

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