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/ Project Introduction

About Boo & Harvey

Boo & Harvey, a provider of specialised foot care services, sought a digital platform to effectively communicate their unique approach to podiatry. The goal was to develop a basic yet bespoke WordPress brochure website that not only detailed their range of services but also showcased their personalised treatment philosophy.

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The Challenge
The Strategy
The Results
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The Challenge

The challenge involved creating a website that would be an informative and engaging resource for individuals seeking foot care solutions. It was essential to convey the brand’s message of personalised treatment while ensuring the website was easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Key elements included a clear presentation of services, an about page, client testimonials, a blog for educational content, and a gallery to represent their services visually. Additionally, optimising the site for search engines was crucial to increase visibility and attract more clients.

/ What We Did

The Strategy

The strategy focused on delivering a user-friendly and informative website with the following key features:

  1. Bespoke WordPress Development: Customised a WordPress site to align with Boo & Harvey’s branding and service offerings, ensuring a unique and tailored online presence.
  2. Automatic Image Optimisation: Implemented to enhance page load speeds while maintaining high-quality visuals, particularly important for the gallery showcasing their services.
  3. Custom Post Types: Developed for different content sections like services, testimonials, and blog articles, facilitating easy content management and navigation.
  4. Gallery Feature: Included a visually appealing gallery to provide potential clients with a glimpse into the treatments and facilities.
  5. Technical SEO: Focused on optimising the website’s structure and content for search engines, improving its visibility and reach to the target audience.
  6. White Label Dashboard: Crafted a simplified backend dashboard for Boo & Harvey’s team, allowing easy updates and management of website content.
/ Project Outcome

The Results

The launch of the Boo & Harvey website achieved several key outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The well-organised presentation of services and the educational blog fostered greater user engagement and time spent on the site.
  • Improved Website Performance: The site experienced faster loading times due to optimised images, contributing to a better user experience and lower bounce rates.
  • Increased Online Visibility: Effective SEO strategies led to higher search engine rankings, resulting in increased website traffic and potential client inquiries.
  • Empowered Client Management: The custom dashboard enabled the Boo & Harvey team to effortlessly update content, keeping the website fresh and relevant.

This project highlighted the team’s capability to blend aesthetic design with functional excellence, creating a bespoke web solution that effectively represents Boo & Harvey’s commitment to personalised podiatry care.

/ Project Functionality

Features For Boo & Harvey

Delving into the specifics, we equipped Boo & Harvey with a suite of bespoke tools, each selected and crafted to ensure seamless operations and enriched user interactions. Explore the unique functionalities that now defines their website.
Automatic Image Optimisation
Custom Post Types
Technical SEO
White Label Dashboard
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