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/ Project Introduction

About Trailstopper

Trailstopper represents a unique, eco-friendly solution in the gardening sector, offering an innovative repellent for slugs and snails. Their product is designed to create safe, protected areas for plants without harming these creatures, aligning with environmentally conscious gardening practices.

The goal was to develop a one-page WordPress website for Trailstopper that not only showcased their eco-friendly slug and snail repellent but also streamlined the purchasing process. The website was to be designed in line with Trailstopper's branding and include features to maximise customer conversions and increase average cart value.

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The Challenge
The Strategy
The Results
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The Challenge

Creating a compelling, single-page eCommerce platform that effectively communicated the benefits of Trailstopper’s product while ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing process presented a unique challenge. The website needed to be visually engaging and user-friendly to facilitate quick purchasing decisions.

/ What We Did

The Strategy

The development strategy for Trailstopper’s website included:

  • Branding-Aligned Design: The website was designed to visually align with Trailstopper's branding. This involved creating a layout that reflected the eco-friendly and innovative nature of their product, ensuring a cohesive visual narrative.
  • Simplified Purchase Process: A straightforward purchasing option was integrated into the website, allowing customers to buy the product with ease. The checkout template was specifically designed to focus on achieving the highest possible conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Upsell Opportunities: Recognising the importance of maximising cart value, data-driven upsell opportunities were strategically incorporated. This approach encouraged customers to purchase additional or related products, enhancing overall sales.
  • Engaging Website Elements: To create a dynamic and engaging user experience, the website featured Lottie animations and videos that demonstrated the product's effectiveness and application. Additionally, integration with Amazon product reviews provided social proof and helped build trust among potential customers.
/ Project Outcome

The Results

The development of Trailstopper's one-page website resulted in several significant outcomes:

  • The bespoke design successfully encapsulated the essence of Trailstopper's brand, creating an inviting and informative platform for their eco-friendly product.
  • The streamlined purchasing process and optimized checkout template led to higher conversion rates, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases.
  • The inclusion of upsell opportunities effectively increased the average cart value, contributing to overall sales growth.
  • The use of Lottie animations, videos, and Amazon review integration made the website more interactive and persuasive, enhancing user engagement and providing credibility to the product.

Overall, the project delivered a concise yet comprehensive eCommerce solution that not only elevated Trailstopper's online presence but also aligned seamlessly with their commitment to providing eco-friendly gardening solutions.

/ Project Functionality

Features For Trailstopper

Delving into the specifics, we equipped Trailstopper with a suite of bespoke tools, each selected and crafted to ensure seamless operations and enriched user interactions. Explore the unique functionalities that now defines their website.
Amazon Review Feed
Automatic Image Optimisation
Checkout Funnels
Contact Form
Technical SEO
White Label Dashboard
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